• Customizable & ScalableOur proven technology is fully scalable & customizable to your workflow
  • Predictable CostTake the guesswork out of budgeting for IT
  • Seamless TransitionWe'll take you step-by-step to ensure proper data migration
  • 24/7/365 SupportOur experienced support staff is here for you
  • Single Database ApplicationSingle user sign-on to one application
  • Graphical CalendarScheduling with drag & drop simplicity
  • Unified WorklistFully customizable workflow solution
  • Meaningful Use CertifiedStage 2 coming soon

  • Vendor-Neutral ArchiveOur VNA will protect all your studies regardless of your PACS vendor
  • Unlimited StorageNever worry about storage limitations again
  • Redundant StorageWith the Radius Arc you will have two of everything for your protection
  • Exceeds HIPAA RequirementsWe believe in exceeding all your expectations
  • Secure Image Delivery
  • Pre-configure Routing Rule for Images
  • Automatic Image Compression
  • Decreases Transmission Time
  • Managed by the Radius Technical Team
VNA - vendor neutral archive Radiology Hosted RIS/PACS solution VNA - vendor neutral archive storage solution Gateway DICOM Router

Hosted PACS for Teleradiology Service Providers

Radius hosted PACS solution provides Teleradiology Service Providers with a dependable, scalable and secure system for reading studies from multiple locations in a single unified worklist. This eliminates the need to log into multiple PACS system and traverse the complexity of managing different viewing tools on the multiple systems. The single worklist increases productivity and allows for business growth while providing better patient care.

Your focus should be on radiology and our focus on providing the necessary technology. The Radius mission is to eliminate complexity and allow the radiologist to focus on the patient’s images and report creation. The hosted platform supports integration from multiple facilities and allows you to Read for Anyone, from Anywhere, at Any Time.

A fully customizable worklist is one of the most powerful tools available in the industry today. Teleradiology Service Providers have the ability to create default worklists by department, role, and user. This feature allows you to browse through patient studies on one screen and provides up-to date status for each, aggregating multiple facilities into one single worklist. Each user can customize his or her worklist specific to daily tasks. Study documents, voice clips, and dictations are also accessible from this screen with a simple click.

Images can be pre-cached in the background from any remote location with an Edge Gateway. All DICOM data is encrypted and compressed on the Edge Gateway for transmittal with rule based logic to get the right images to the right worklist. The Teleradiology Service Providers benefit from pre-caching and customizable worklist to improve efficiency and productivity.

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