VNA Storage: Vendor Neutral Archive

We make it easy to consolidate data from multiple PACS and RIS platforms to immediately reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, limit risk and exposure, achieve regulatory compliance and improve patient satisfaction with our Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) storage. You can:

  • Eliminate technology headaches & cost with a repository which scales quickly as your business requires
  • Consolidation of data from multiple systems with unlimited storage availability
  • Affordable, pay per GB of storage –lower cost than per study, no capital expenditures
  • Achieve regulatory compliance for data security and record retention
  • Eliminate the burden of maintaining multiple systems and complexity
  • Free up IT resources to focus on more important production needs
  • Easily manage/route data to a single repository from multiple disparate sources
  • Reliable, full redundancy in our systems across diverse data centers
  • Eliminate data loss with worry-free backup and data replication to multiple data centers
  • Data repository can be used for business intelligence data and KPI reporting
  • Supports all modalities

VNA Storage Features:

  • Acts as DICOM Storage Class Provider (SCP) to received images from other DICOM devices.
  • Automatically logs all DICOM communications with the service.
  • Validates all attempted DICOM associations with the service. Only associations that match both the IP address and AE title are accepted.
  • Supports all standard DICOM transfer protocols. Images are saved in the protocol from which they were originally transferred.
  • Supports multiple locations for forwarding.
  • Stores images in standard DICOM within a normalized file structure.
  • Builds a SQL database as studies are processed to allow for query and retrieval.
  • Automatically updates the patient name in SQL database based on most recently received study.
  • Maintains HIPAA logging database.

Our mission is to improve radiology efficiency and patient care through our customized imaging solutions.


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