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We invest a lot of time and money to secure your PHI, and be compliant with the increasing number of security controls of HIPAA, HITEC and HITRUST. In addition, we regularly undergo security training, third party penetration testing and security auditing to ensure your patient data remains safe against new threats. We also use security information and event management tools to log, track and correlate suspicious activity across all the components of our system. We even monitor our greatest threat, authorized users, using an Artificial Intelligence tool called SPHER.

SPHER- Artificial Intelligence PHI security and HIPAA compliance

SPHER™ is the leading Healthcare solution that uses AI to detect maleficence across all application end-user activity. Why use SPHER to watch over your greatest threat and eliminate PHI breaches?
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Breach Stats:                                           

  • 67% of breaches are by users who have authorized access
  • 90% of breaches are reported by outside organizations
  • 70% of patients surveyed would not go to a healthcare entity that had been breached
  • 60% of practices that declare a major breach, file Chapter 10 within 6 months

A breach of patient data can lead to:                                 

  • Loss of Patient Trust: Core to the Doctor/Patient relationship
  • Loss of Current Patients: Reduction of current revenue
  • Loss of Future Patients: Reduction of future revenue
  • Loss of Brand Value: Diminished value of a breach is 21%.

HIPAA requirements:

  • Application System Activity Review – Implement procedures to regularly review patient electronic health records and information system activity. §164.308(a)(1)(ii)(D)
  • Audit Controls (HHS/CMS/OCR) – Implement hardware, software, and/or procedural mechanisms that record and examine activity in information systems that contain or use ePHI. §164.312(b)
  • Documentation – 7 Year Retention
  • Retain required documentation of policies, procedures, actions, activities or assessments required by the HIPAA Security Rule for 7 (seven) years. §164.316(B)(1)(ii)

SPHER uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence utilize the behaviors of end-users and information systems to learn what defines normal activity. Artificial intelligence can then be used to take action, without human intervention, when activity deviates from the norm.

  • HIPAA, MACRA , MU, Legal & Cyber-Insurance Compliance
  • AI/Machine Learning Detection – SPHER deploys pattern recognition algorithms to identify potential incidents and deliver unrivaled health record security analysis.
  • Alerts Concentrate on Anomalies – SPHER’s detectors generate fewer false positive alerts, resulting in diminished alert fatigue and improved prevention rates.
  • Patient Records Monitored 24/7 – Ensuring 100% of patient PHI is actively monitored and examined for unauthorized access, maleficence, thus mitigating risk and improved patient data security.
  • Scales from Hospitals to Clinics – A solution that is applicable to a large Hospital-based healthcare group throughout the industry topologies including in-network private practices.

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