PACS: Picture Archiving Communication System

Designed from the ground up as a completely web-based solution, our PACS is uniquely designed to be easy to use, provide efficient radiology workflow, promote fast reading and easily share results with referring physicians. Accessible from anywhere, at any time with virtually any device.


Through our partnership with RamSoft
we are able to offer you a complete, cloud-based RamSoft PowerServer PACS solution on a monthly, fee-per-study basis that includes an unlimited number of users, radiologists, modalities, facilities and referring physicians. It also includes all the hardware and software, monitoring, implementation, maintenance, upgrades and ongoing 24/7/365 support of our system.

What makes buying from Radius so unique
is that we own the cloud-based delivery platform and we update, monitor and support it completely. This is a huge cost savings, especially over time when costly capital investments are needed. And let’s not forget about service. We are passionate about delivering great service and you can expect our team to be fast, friendly and resolve your issue quickly any time you call: 24/7/365.

The Radius, cloud-based PACS is highly customizable
allowing for drag and drop universal worklists that easily sort by radiologist, facility, modality, priority, status, etc. We are able to support all imaginable multi-modality workflows. Universal worklist make routing and reading studies offsite across multiple radiologists and facilities very simple, delivering higher productivity, improved turn-around times and better patient care.

Our PACS workflow engine allows you to track every step
 in the patient’s status, from start to finish and automate everything, including:

  • Updating the worklist in each modality
  • Scanning documents and uploading them directly to the patient’s file
  • Receiving the images from our Edge Gateway products
  • Interpreting images with voice recognition
  • Storing key images and annotations in the final report
  • Distributing final report via automated fax, email, secure file transfer and HL7
  • Accessing referring physician’s portal via web or smart device
  • Performing advanced image manipulations including 3D reconstruction & PET/CT fusion
  • Custom image routing & pre-caching rules
  • Intelligent viewing protocols with automatic prior comparisons

Our PACS solution learns
the radiologist’s viewing protocol preferences for different study types and improves their efficiency by storing them for future use on all of their reading stations, at the hospital, office or home.

We provide custom report templates in our PACS solution
with pre-populating bookmarks to offer the radiologist even greater efficiency. The Radius hosted PACS system can store an unlimited number of templates and patient demographics, facility location, modality and body part information is automatically inserted in the report based upon the pre-defined templates.


Voice Recognition: Radius PACS solution seamlessly integrates with M*Modal Fluency Direct to provide a powerful voice recognition tool. It also integrates with Dragon Medical and Nuance PowerScribe 360 voice recognition software for even more flexibility and options. Learn more.

HL7 Services: Health Level 7 is an international standard that allows the transfer of clinical and administrative dataset between applications, such as patient registration, orders, patient tracking, and billing. The Radius development team has built interfaces to most well-known applications and will and work with your team to implement it at your facility. Learn more.

Analytics: Our PACS solution becomes even more powerful when you apply analytics to help you identify trends or gaps in your data and make adjustments to improve efficiency and increase your bottom line. Our cloud-based Ramsoft PACS solution is equipped with Essence™, a business intelligence reporting and analytics application, which provides you with valuable information to run your business successfully. Learn more.


Our mission is to improve radiology efficiency and patient care through our customized imaging solutions.


Radius is passionate about service. We are dedicated to investing in the best technology and training our team and clients to become knowledgeable and proficient. Experience the difference from the first call with our sales team, through implementation as well as your ongoing relationship with our support team. You will appreciate how we take ownership of what we do and how quickly we address your questions. We promise that you will find us friendly, easy to understand and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with our service.

“Without a doubt, my favorite aspect of Radius is their exceptional support. They resolve my IT issues in a timely manner and are always extremely courteous while doing so.”

Ellett Memorial Hospital, Michelle Siegismund, Radiology Manager

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