Radius provides a host of radiology services that add value and efficiency to your business. Many services are recommended with specific solutions we offer and thus are linked below for quick reference. Give us a call to learn more or to request a demo of any service or solution.

Radius Edge DICOM Routers

If you are seeking a low cost, feature-rich solution that will increase your ability to route and retrieve studies, is fast, reliable and scalable, then look no further than our Radius Edge Gateway Router. The Radius Edge router takes advantage of DICOM TLS when moving images between our client site and our private cloud, significantly reducing the need for VPNs, in most cases. Learn more.

Voice Recognition

Voice Recognition is available with M*Modal Fluency Direct. M*Modal Speech Understanding™ has seamless integration with our PACS systems. It works with structured reports based on RSNA guidelines as well as custom templates created by the radiologist. This cloud-based solution provides for the management and synchronization of user and group profiles automatically while the speech recognition “learns” and adapts based on the radiologist’s actions to further improve recognition and understanding of clinical speech and language. Radius PACS also integrates with Dragon Medical and Nuance PowerScribe 360 voice recognition software for even more flexibility and options.

Custom Radiology Viewers

Radius can create custom radiology viewers for your business to provide a personalized, branded viewer designed with just the tools you need. We offer a comprehensive toolbox that allows you to view, stack, flip and invert the images to help you analyze them or compare to previous images.
Additional, on-board tools are provided for measuring, identifying and labeling areas of interest and for viewing images in optimized settings adjusted for specific scans. You can even create custom settings for your most commonly viewed images for even greater control.

How the Radius Custom Radiology Viewers Work:

  • Log on to the web portal
  • Search for your patient
  • View, manipulate and compare images
  • Log out- simple!

The Radius Custom Radiology Viewers are the Right Solution.

  • Images are automatically sent to the cloud
  • No local data storage or IT support required
  • Safe, secure and HIPAA compliant
  • Unlimited users
  • Viewable anywhere, anytime from any device


Spher Logo Transparent Background Medium
SPHER™ is the leading Healthcare solution that uses AI to detect maleficence across all application end-user activity to detect and prevent potential security breaches. Your patient records are actively monitored, your data is secure and HIPAA compliant and your reputation remains intact! Learn more.

HL7 Services

Health Level 7 (HL7) is an international standard that allows the transfer of clinical and administrative dataset between applications.  HL7 messages are used to communicate events that occur in the clinical order entry module of the CIS/EHR as well as events that occur in the PACS or Radiology Information System (RIS).

Radius is creating HL7 interfaces continually as radiologists, hospitals, and imaging centers are realizing the benefits of implementing electronic orders and results interfaces.  Receiving orders electronically makes the process much more efficient for staff and patients and prevents forgotten instructions or paperwork delays when providing critical imaging services.  Referral partners want results delivered electronically to their EHR system so they can document the patient record and be prepared for follow-up visits with their patients more easily.

Radius provides custom HL7 interface development and programming using a vendor-neutral development tool. This allows us to create custom interfaces to multiple vendors and customizes each interface and message types per the desired workflow and interface specification.  We work with your team to implement an interface that meets your business needs and preferences.  The Radius development team has built interfaces to hundreds of applications, including commonly used applications from McKesson-Paragon, Meditech, Epic, Cerner, Healthland, and Nuance.

For health care entities that have multiple HL7 interface needs, Radius now has an affordable way to create and maintain each interface for a flat, monthly rate via our ‘HL7 as a Service’ from our partner, Tangible Solutions.

Data Migration Services

Radius provides data migration services to make it easy for hospitals and multi-system environments to migrate data to a centralized PACS or consolidated VNA. We have the expertise and tools to decrease the elapsed time, schedule and cost involved in moving large amounts of data securely.  We employ many tools to make the data migration process efficient, including the ability to:

  • Normalize DICOM data via Radius DICOM Migrator
  • Ability to manipulate DICOM headers
  • Auto query systems by date range
  • Transfer data via our hardened, encrypted, disk array “devices” to plug into local storage to quickly copy large volumes of data
  • Capture and send new studies during migration process via the Radius Edge gateway capture
  • Stage and backup data temporarily via our private cloud
  • Schedule remote transmission as it relates to bandwidth

Radiology Analytics

Business analytics tools help provide greater insight into your business to help you capitalize on what you are already doing by fine-tuning workflow, marketing investments or simplifying the business process to increase efficiencies.
We offer Essence, by Ramsoft, which is a complete business intelligence application that analyzes your data to exceed your business objectives, including:

  • Improving patient turnaround times
  • Increasing referrals
  • Decreasing cancellations
  • Improving time management
  • Streamlining radiology workflow
  • Maximizing ROI

“Radius employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated to providing excellent customer service.”

Jamey Whitaker, Radiology Director
Memorial Hospital and Manor


Our mission is to improve radiology efficiency and patient care through our customized imaging solutions.


Radius is passionate about service. We are dedicated to investing in the best technology and training our team and clients to become knowledgeable and proficient. Experience the difference from the first call with our sales team, through implementation as well as your ongoing relationship with our support team. You will appreciate how we take ownership of what we do and how quickly we address your questions. We promise that you will find us friendly, easy to understand and willing to go the extra mile to make sure you are happy with our service.

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