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Experience a radiology solution that is affordable, provides greater efficiency, scales rapidly and satisfies regulatory requirements.

Declining reimbursements and capital availability, increasing regulatory control and talent shortages are creating real challenges for radiology groups today. By utilizing our cloud-based imaging solutions, Radius resolves these obstacles so you can:

  • Achieve greater productivity with efficient workflow and faster reading times
  • Eliminate capital expenses and align spend with revenue
  • Scale rapidly for growth on demand, only paying for what you need
  • Free up time for your overworked IT staff to focus on other critical priorities
  • Provide greater data security and disaster recoverability

Discover the other ways Radius can solve your business challenges below.


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With the help of Radius, SGRA has been able to achieve an astonishing 27% year over year growth rate for the past 8 years… read more

Gary Dent, MD
South Georgia Radiology Associates



Is reading from multiple systems, waiting for studies to download or inefficient workflow causing you to read less study volume?

Our PACS solution is fast. We use advanced technology to move and store images quickly plus our software was designed for efficient workflow using a unified worklist to manage studies for multi-facility or multi-radiologist environments. Our software is fully customizable to meet each radiologist’s reading preferences for faster reading.



Are you restricted to reading onsite due to slowness, lack of reliability or security concerns when reading offsite?

Our cloud-based imaging solutions are 100% mobile, giving you the freedom to read anywhere, anytime, on any device securely, with no additional, per radiologist fees.



Are you concerned about the capital cost of a new system or upgrading your current system due to budget restrictions?

Enjoy the simplicity and predictability of our monthly, fee-per-study pricing that includes all the hardware and software, monitoring, implementation, maintenance, upgrades and ongoing 24/7/365 support of our solution.



Do you worry if your patient data is secure enough or if your radiology group is HIPAA compliant?

We invest a lot of time and money to secure your PHI, and to be compliant with the increasing number of security controls of HIPAA, HITEC and HITRUST. In addition, we regularly undergo security training, third-party penetration testing as well as security auditing to ensure your patient data remains safe against new threats.



Do you find it difficult or expensive to easily share reports and images of critical findings with the physicians who send you patients?

Our web-based portal allows you to easily and securely share patient data with unlimited referring physicians at no additional cost. They can view studies, burn CDs and download reports from any device with no software to install.



Frustrated with slow performance or downtime that is hurting your productivity, turnaround times and patient care?

We invested in the best technology with redundant systems housed in diverse data centers with dual connectivity to guarantee we will deliver peak performance consistently. We hired top talent who constantly monitor and optimize our system to eliminate slowness and costly downtime in order to provide a 99.95% uptime guarantee.



Do you worry about data loss, inability to operate or service outage when a natural disaster or malicious system attack occurs?

Our private cloud is fully-redundant, operating in geographically diverse data centers, utilizing an intelligent backup strategy that eliminates the risk of data loss and system outage. We can quickly recover from a disaster to keep your practice operational, minimize service disruption and stop revenue loss.



Do you have complicated radiology workflow, difficulty automating processes or challenges customizing your settings easily, leading to inefficiency?

Our PACS solution is easy to use and is highly customizable. Just drag and drop to change worklist views quickly to suit different roles, facilities, and priorities. Easily setup hanging protocols and custom workflow for each radiologist without a PACS administrator.

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South Georgia Radiology Associates

With the help of Radius, SGRA has been able to achieve an astonishing 27% year over year growth rate for the past 8 years, now providing excellent care to over 360,000 patients in 30,000 square miles of south GA.

The Radius private cloud provides a unified system that is customized to achieve maximum workflow efficiency and excellent clinical collaboration. The result is consistent workflow, productive radiologists and improved patient care in a solution that scales easily and predictably as our business grows.

SGRA values Radius as a true, long-term, technology partner who understands us, treats us well and provides us incredible service.


Our mission is to improve radiology efficiency and patient care through our customized imaging solutions.

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