• Customizable & ScalableOur proven technology is fully scalable & customizable to your workflow
  • Predictable CostTake the guesswork out of budgeting for IT
  • Seamless TransitionWe'll take you step-by-step to ensure proper data migration
  • 24/7/365 SupportOur experienced support staff is here for you
  • Single Database ApplicationSingle user sign-on to one application
  • Graphical CalendarScheduling with drag & drop simplicity
  • Unified WorklistFully customizable workflow solution
  • Meaningful Use CertifiedStage 2 coming soon

  • Vendor-Neutral ArchiveOur VNA will protect all your studies regardless of your PACS vendor
  • Unlimited StorageNever worry about storage limitations again
  • Redundant StorageWith the Radius Arc you will have two of everything for your protection
  • Exceeds HIPAA RequirementsWe believe in exceeding all your expectations
  • Secure Image Delivery
  • Pre-configure Routing Rule for Images
  • Automatic Image Compression
  • Decreases Transmission Time
  • Managed by the Radius Technical Team
VNA - vendor neutral archive Radiology Hosted RIS/PACS solution VNA - vendor neutral archive storage solution Gateway DICOM Router

Creating Efficiency & Simplifying Your Workflow

Your ability to effortlessly interpret studies from any location you choose is important to Radius. That's why we provide certain efficiencies to simplify your workflow.

Radius solutions give you instant access to your reading preferences, customized templates and worklist - regardless of where you're reading from.

Our viewing protocol technology provides a reading experience like none other by automatically matching your preferences to the type of study you are reading and the hardware you are reading from. Your productivity will increase immediately. An easy-to-use set-up wizard, drag and drop views and auto-monitor detection are all built in. You can even share your favorite protocols with your colleagues.

Dictation templates and macros utilizing Microsoft Office technology allow you to dictate one report for any number of related studies. Dictations are available over any type of network and report template creation is simple - yet powerful - without a complicated learning curve.

Want to know what's going on with a particular study in a single glance? Our worklist gives you the flexibility to group; filter and color code your data in addition to simple listing and search capabilities.

Easy Export to Billing

Is integration with your current billing system stopping you from having all the tools you want and need as your business grows? Radius will simplify this transition for you.

Our RIS/PACS solution fully supports both CPT and ICD codes - automatically coding appointments based on the type of study. Technologists can also modify the CPT codes based on the actual procedure performed - including contrast and supplies.

You don't have to worry about accuracy of patient information; charges, patient demographics and insurance information are easily exported to the most popular billing software.

Time is Money

Have all of the information you need to make your meetings more productive right at your fingertips and eliminate time consuming and non-productive technology discussions.

Radius understands time is money. This is why we make it easy for you to have custom reports including performance by physician, by modality, by facility and by status ready when you need them.

Because Radius is a completely hosted, completely managed, web-based solution with a pay-as-you-go pricing model, you won't be tied up in meetings discussing technology and software upgrades, rising costs and IT overload. With Radius, it's all included.

Maximize your Efficiency

Declining reimbursements mean radiologists are being asked to do more for less. Meeting these demands with a traditional PACS solution may mean more time in the office dealing with the hassles of hardware, software and dependence on IT - even after you've completed your reading load.

With Radius, you won't have to sacrifice your free time or personal pursuits to manage these issues. We do it for you - with completely hosted, completely managed, web-based solutions. Our fixed, fee-per-study pricing model also helps stabilize your costs. You only pay for what you use and never pay any maintenance fees - which mean your take-home revenue is greater.

Whether it's maximizing your efficiency in the reading room or giving you the flexibility to read from anywhere, anytime, Radius is the perfect solution for your business.

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